Ellis getting an early start

The season just ended, training camp is seven months away and Greg Ellis is already starting to talk and getting an early start about his role on this team, and I'm sure the next word out of Greg's mouth will be getting, more respect = more money..

OLB Greg Ellis is looking over his shoulder, and he looks worried, again. Coming off a 12.5 sack season, and a selection as a Pro Bowl first alternate, Ellis sees the future (Anthony Spencer) coming.

And if there's any plan to phase him out of the starting lineup, Ellis wants no part of it.

"I heard John Lynch say 'I'm not a player who wants to come off the bench. Before I come off the bench, I'd rather be gone,'" Ellis said. "John said that about Denver. He wasn't angry. And I'm not angry. But I understand his point of view. I'm the same way."

Coach Wade Phillips laughed when apprised of the always-concerned Ellis' comments. He said Ellis doesn't have anything to worry about.

If only the decade-long Cowboy could agree. Parts of Ellis' contract are guaranteed through next year, but this isn't aboiut money to Ellis.

"It’s not about me wanting to talk to Jerry," Ellis said. "It’s just blind, dumb and crazy not to realize that you can’t draft first-rounders and leave them on the bench. I’m not naïve to that. No one should be.

"If you know anything about the NFL, you can’t draft first-rounders and have them as backups for two or three years. Sometimes they do with a quarterback, and not even them anymore. I’m not sure what’s going to be done, I don’t know, I’m not trying to create an animosity."

Enough already greg, your act is getting tired.....

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