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Welcome to the offseason

OK, I guess I got to get back to regular blogging. To tell the truth, I haven’t watched a thing on TV about football since we lost the game. And I only started reading a few articles this evening. It was a media blackout for me. I really didn’t need other people to tell me what happened; I could see it for myself. It wasn’t pretty. But since I do actually write a Dallas Cowboys blog, I figured 24 hours was the limit on total mourning and I had to return to my duties.

So I’ll dip my toe in the water with a few tidbits. Let’s start with the assistant coaches. I think everybody knows that Tony Sparano is going to go to Miami. This article says he’s the front-runner:

At least one Dallas Cowboys player referred to assistant head coach Tony Sparano in the past tense Monday, because he may soon change teams.

The front-runner for the Miami Dolphins' head coaching job, Sparano became available for hire when the Cowboys lost their playoff game Sunday to the New York Giants.

"Tony was an unbelievable coach," Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said. "He'll be a great head coach, and this team will definitely miss him if he gets that opportunity."

Little slip of the tongue there by Witten. But he knows like we do, Sparano is as good as gone.

Next up, Jason Garrett, the Golden Child who seems to have fallen out of favor with some fans, but not with the Ravens.

As reported earlier Monday evening by, Dallas offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was also asked to meet with the Falcons for a second time and is set to arrive here sometime Tuesday for the session. But there is a suspicion in NFL circles that Garrett, in Baltimore on Monday for a second interview there, could be offered and possibly accept the Ravens' job in the next 24 hours.

Matt Mosley confirms the Ravens might be making their play for Garrett.

I very much want to keep Garrett. I think the Cowboys would be losing a good one if he bolts for Baltimore. He’s only been an OC one year and he put together a high-powered offense that helped to put up that 13-3 record Wade keeps talking about. Sure, they struggled down the stretch and he didn’t make very good adjustments during the second half of the Giants game, but I’m hoping he’ll stick around and grow as a coach with us. After a few years under his belt, he could be one heck of a coach. My thoughts about his ability haven’t changed because of the rough spot at the end of the year.

Calvin Watkins thinks this year’s team resembles last year’s team in that they couldn’t get it done at the end. From Parcells’ overbearing tough love to Phillips’ softer and kinder approach, the Cowboys players keep losing playoff games. Somehow, Bradie James thinks it might even be the press’ fault.

The Cowboys should have just won and avoided all this. Ha!

Tim Cowlishaw defends Wade Phillips and says Jerry Jones shouldn’t pull any shenanigans. But Cowlishaw’s support feels so mushy that it’s like someone forced him to write the article.

Greg Ellis is talking about money, respect, Anthony Spencer and all the regular stuff. Holy crap, it really must be the offseason! I just couldn’t believe it was here, but now that Greg is complaining, I’m believing.

Welcome to the offseason everybody!

Hat tip to Deke for posting the Ellis story in a diary.

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