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Baltimore makes offer to Jason Garrett

Sorry for the lack of updates, but life has a pesky way of sticking its nose into my blogging world.

I still can’t bring myself to do a film review on that game, it’s too painful. Maybe in a day or two.

Starting sometime next week, I’ll be doing reviews of the roster in anticipation of free agency and the draft. You really have to combine those two events at this point because what you do in free agency could change what you do in the draft. We also have our own free agents to re-sign and I’ll pick up on that later in the week, too.

So what’s happening in the Cowboys world today? A lot of postmortems and I’m not going to link to them. You guys know where to find them and none are telling you anything you didn’t already know if you watched that game.

The big news is Jason Garrett, who has been offered the Baltimore job and is pondering his decision. Matt Mosley’s blog:

Hashmarks senior correspondent Ed Werder is reporting that the Ravens have offered Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett their head coaching job. He hasn't made a decision yet, but a league source is telling Werder there's a "60-40" chance that he'll accept the job.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Again, I’m in favor of Jerry spending whatever kind of money he can and giving Garrett the Asst. Head Coach title to retain him. I haven’t lost faith in Garrett because of the end of the season, he’s a first year coordinator, he has to learn and I think he will. Giving up on people who show a lot of promise after one campaign seems short-sighted. If he leaves, it will hurt us in my opinion, and will give us our 3rd coordinator in as many seasons. There is something to be said for continuity. And we more than likely won’t have Tony Sparano to fall back on, I’m just waiting for that news to happen.

If Garrett goes, and I’m leaning toward the reality that he will, it appears his plan is to take Cam Cameron with him as offensive coordinator. That eliminates any thoughts Dallas had of picking up Cameron. The DMN blog:

According to ESPN's John Clayton, the plan Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett has presented the Ravens has former Dolphins assistants Cam Cameron and Dom Capers going with him to Baltimore as offensive and defensive coordinators, respectively.


That would probably leave receivers coach Ray Sherman as the top candidate for the offensive coordinator position.

Too bad, Cameron comes from the Norv Turner school of offense, similar to what Garrett comes from and might have made a smooth transition. I don’t really know what Ray Sherman would run or if he would just try to keep the same system. Anybody have any research on Sherman’s past offensive coordinator stints?

Hat tip to Mullin for posting this diary about Garrett.

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