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Ireland picking up Tony Sparano to meet Dolphins owner

Hat tip to the SB Nation Dolphins blog, The Phinsider, for this link.

A Miami paper's blog has this entry about Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano today.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is on his way to Dallas to pick up Cowboys assistant and future Dolphins coach Tony Sparano.

Ireland a few minutes ago boarded one of Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga's private jets -- one of the smaller ones, not the 737 -- with his wife.


Back to facts: Ireland is expected to return with Sparano this evening. It takes approximately three hours to fly to Dallas and a little less than three to get back. That would put the return touchdown around 6-7ish when you add in time to taxi the aircraft, pick up Sparano etc...

If I know the Dolphins, the team will likely wine and dine Sparano this evening, maybe even have him meet Huizenga over dinner. Then everyone can get about the business of finalizing this hiring Wednesday morning -- assuming EVERYTHING goes smoothly.

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