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On Garrett, Sparano, MB3 and other stuff

Lots of interesting stuff to get to this morning. But I’ll go first to a column that gave me a chuckle. It’s from the Baltimore Sun and the columnist is arguing that Jason Garrett made a rookie mistake by not taking the Ravens’ job while he was here. Part of his reasoning:

Garrett spent most of the day interviewing with top Ravens officials about their vacant head coaching position and walked away from their offer, one of the most coveted jobs in professional sports.

One of the most coveted jobs in sports? Did I read that right? Somehow the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens has bubbled up to one of the most coveted jobs in sports? Has it leap-frogged being the Yankees manager, the Cowboys head coach, the Lakers head coach or a stream of other high-profile coveted positions. Working for a franchise that is relatively new and with a broken-down team is one of the most coveted jobs in sports? I must have missed that news-cycle.

Another funny moment:

I'm sure [Garrett] wants to play these teams against each other, but I'm not sure he has been around the league enough to pull it off.

OK, so what say you on the subject a little later?

But don't count the Ravens out as far as Garrett. Bisciotti is rich, and the organization doesn't like to be told no. Bisciotti will remain in contact with Garrett, and he'll be in a bidding war with the Cowboys and the Falcons.

So Garrett already has caused a bidding war among his suitors and yet a couple of paragraphs earlier the columnist wasn’t sure if he could pull it off. Sounds like he’s already pulling it off.

Enough of that, I’m just bitter from the playoff loss.

Here’s an article about Sparano and the Dolphins. Jerry has already reached a conclusion on this one.

According to a Dallas Cowboys source, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones views the departure of Sparano as "a foregone conclusion" and has come to terms with losing him and a couple of other Cowboys assistants to the Dolphins.

They also mention the possible assistants that might leave.

As for who Sparano might target to join him in South Florida, Cowboys secondary coach Todd Bowles, defensive line coach Kacy Rodgers and linebackers coach Paul Pasqualoni, the former Syracuse head coach, could all be plucked from Dallas because their contracts have expired. All have ties to Parcells.

Also, Brain Gaine left the Cowboys last week and has joined Parcells in Miami.

Brian Gaine, who resigned last week as the Cowboys' assistant director of pro scouting, joined the Miami Dolphins as the assistant director of player personnel.

Now we get to start the process of keeping our own players. MB3 is one guy the Cowboys would want to keep. But in order to do that, that have to get past Drew Rosenhaus.

On Tuesday, Barber's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said he's open to dealing with the Cowboys but also understands several teams could be interested as well.

"I'm sure I'll see the Cowboys at the Senior Bowl and the combine, and we have plenty of time to talk about this," Rosenhaus said.

The Cowboys did some maintenance on the roster and re-signed a lot of the practice squad and will look to add others.

The Cowboys decided to bring back quarterback Richard Bartel, defensive backs Tyler Everett and Quincy Butler, running back Alonzo Coleman, wide receiver Mike Jefferson, linebacker Khari Long and defensive tackle Marcus Smith.

The Cowboys are also expected to re-sign three other players on the final practice squad: Defensive tackle Remi Ayodele, linebacker Tyson Smith and tight end Rodney Hannah.

In other news:

Former Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer joined the Bengals as their DC.

Charles Haley missed out on the final ballot for the Hall of Fame.  

JJT says Wade will never alter his style of coaching even though he’s 0-4 in the playoffs. He suggests that the players will have to become the leaders on the team and lay down the law.

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