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Cowboys lose Sparano, Garrett reportedly gets offer from Falcons

Right now, it’s all about the Cowboys coaching staff. As reported earlier, Tony Sparano took the job in Miami and had a press conference today. Good luck Tony, I hope you succeed. Having Parcells and Ireland behind you will certainly help and they will eventually find you some talent to put on the field.

You can read about Sparano here, here, or here.

So who do we get to replace Sparano as offensive line coach? One name keeps coming up.

As for Sparano's possible replacement, Hudson Houck's name is certain to come up. He was a Cowboys assistant from 1993 to 2001 and worked with coach Wade Phillips in San Diego.

On the Garrett side of things, word is that the Falcons have offered him a job, too.

The Atlanta Falcons offered Garrett their head coaching position later Tuesday, the NFL Network reported.

Talk about an embarrassment of opportunity. The Ravens want him, the Falcons want him and Jerry wants him and will supposedly pay top-dollar for him.

The good news: he’s supposed to fly back to Dallas and convene with Jerry to decide his future. I believe in Jerry the salesman and I think he will talk Garrett into staying. Or maybe I just hoping that he will and convincing myself that will happen.

Here’s a story from the Atlanta paper.

Sources say Romo hurt his thumb again in the Giants game. I say, it’s all past history now.

Hat tip to Mullin for posting it in a diary.

Ex-Cowboys and ex-Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey can quit being my personal tormentor and do his work on the Kansas City Chiefs as their OC.

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