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Ed Werder: Sources say Jason Garrett will stay in Dallas

Yes! Finally, some good news in a week of disasters for the Cowboys franchise. Sources are telling Ed Werder that Jason Garrett is staying in Dallas and has already notified the other franchises that he will not be their head coach.

Dallas head coach Wade Phillips has been informed that Jason Garrett will turn down head coaching opportunities with the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens and remain as the offensive coordinator for the Cowboys, sources told ESPN's Ed Werder.

A source credits owner Jerry Jones with convincing Garrett to remain in Dallas: "This is huge because changing systems right now would have been really tough on Tony [Romo]."

Garrett has informed the Ravens and Falcons of his decision to stay in Dallas.

Sweet, this is good for this offense in terms of continuity and production. Romo doesn’t have to play under yet another new OC and they can continue to build on the system that Garrett installed this past year.

Now, if we can just get Hudson Houck under contract, things will be getting better.

Hat tip to Starred4Life for his diary on the news.

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