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Chris Mortensen: Jason Garrett gets a raise and a promotion

Jerry opened up the checkbook and also gave Garrett a promotion.

The Cowboys promoted Garrett to assistant head coach and gave him a new contract that will pay him in the ballpark of $3 million per year, ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting.

Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips' salary is also in the $3 million range. There is no word on whether the team plans to adjust Phillips' salary.

Interesting, he and Wade are now on the same pay-level and Garrett is the assistant head coach. Wade, you better bring your 'A-game' this upcoming season, Jerry has made it clear through these moves that he has Garrett in line for the future head coach. The timing will depend on how Wade does in the post-season in the upcoming season, that is supposing we make it there at all.

The players believe in Garrett:

"Jason's great," [Jason] Witten said recently. "People are always talking that he's a third-year coach and all that, but if you're around him for five minutes you understand what he is. He'll be an outstanding head coach when the opportunity comes. His knowledge and just his charisma and his attitude, he's a great listener, a great communicator. ... I think you can see how driven he is."

Garrett is going to hold a press conference at 2 PM Dallas time. I won’t be around to cover it so feel free to post diaries about what is said. I’ll have to catch up with it later tonight.

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