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The Jason Garrett file

I finally got back in front of the computer and listened to Jason Garrett’s press conference. I just have to say right out that every time I hear Garrett speak I am impressed. There is just something about the guy that makes me think this dude really knows what he’s doing.

Here are a few observations about his press conference:

  1. I admit that when I heard him say "I'm awfully excited to be sitting in this chair" my mind immediately thought - hey, isn’t that Wade’s chair? And I promise you that was before I read Tim MacMahon’s take on it. I knew what Garrett meant, that he was happy to be back at Valley Ranch and with the Cowboys, but the symbolism of the moment was rather humorous.
  1. Garrett telling the team they weren’t going to watch the game film but telling MB3 to watch it made me smile. MB3 was running like a mad-man in the first half. In the second half though, the Giants adjusted and we didn’t. That’s on you to fix next year, JG.
  1. When asked about what additional duties he would get now that he is Asst. Head Coach, Garrett wasn’t specific, but he indicated Sparano was doing some of those things this year. I just wish I knew what they were.
  1. I thought it was interesting that Garrett spoke with Sean Payton about the decision. I guess that was a good guy to go to since he also turned down a head coaching job while at Dallas the year before he took one in New Orleans.
  1. Jason Garrett loves his wife, and that’s a good thing. He brought her name up over and over about making the decision. For some reason, I liked that about him. I don’t why, I just did.

In the end, I’m very happy Garrett decided to stay in Dallas. I am very impressed with the job he did this year with the offense and Year 2 of his system should be a little better.

Here’s a generic story on Garrett.

Lenny P. says Garrett didn’t base his decision on money. I don’t think he did either, considering everybody was giving him the about the same amount between Dallas, Baltimore and Atlanta. But, if Jerry didn’t open the checkbook, might that have changed JG’s mind? We’ll never know.

Matt Mosley says the bulls-eye is now squarely on Wade Phillips’ back. He has a pretty funny line at the end where he says Jones fired Phillips last night, we’ll just have to wait another 11 months for the announcement. Ouch!

But Mosley had other barbs for Wade:

In a telling moment during the news conference, Phillips talked about how his defense held up its side of the bargain. The inference was impossible to miss: the offense didn't score enough points to win.

He would never admit it publcly, but Phillips had to be rooting for Garrett to leave. And who would blame him?

Phillips is more of a lame-duck coach than ever, and anything short of reaching a Super Bowl will probably signal the end of the road in Dallas. In fact, a Super Bowl appearance might not do the trick because Garrett would receive another batch of lucrative offers.

I don’t know how this will all play out, but it will make for some interesting moments this year out at the Ranch. Jerry Jones didn’t just make Garrett the highest paid assistant in the league and keep him from two head coaching jobs on a lark. And he didn’t hire JG before Phillips last year as a prank. Jones loves Garrett and wants him in Dallas for a long time. After the disappointing close to this campaign, Wade will be under a lot of pressure to perform in 2008, and don’t forget the new stadium opens in 2009. Let’s hope Wade’s up to the task this year. But 0-4 in the playoffs doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

The DMN’s Kevin Sherrington digs deep into the Garrett/Phillips relationship and what it all means.

Nick Eatman has some Garrett quotes from the press conference in this article.

You guys might remember me picking on Mike Preston, a writer for the Baltimore Sun, for this article earlier in the week. You know, where he tried to convince us that the Ravens head coaching job is one of the most coveted in sports. Heck, it’s not even the most coveted in the region. Hello, Redskins. Then he went on to say that Jason Garrett didn’t have the experience to pull off a bidding war. Hmm, the highest paid assistant coach in the league would beg to differ.

Anyway, Preston is back with this unintentional comedy riot of a blog post that appears on something called Ravens Central, which should be re-named Comedy Central.

Garrett got his money, but he basically looks like a fool around the league. All he had to do was go to Jones in the first place, demand the increase and not fly around the country, putting on this dog-and-pony show. I hope he has good success in Dallas because owners around the league have long memories. They won't forget the charade he just pulled.

Garrett is young, and has been an assistant coach in the league for only three years. His lack of experience showed during this entire process.

Bwahahaha. This guy really makes me laugh. I wonder if he’d come over for an interview on the blog? By the way, the only thing owners remember are coaches that win. All that other crap is for the sour grapes crowd.

Besides the Fasano surgery, we have a couple of other injuries to fix.

Tight end Anthony Fasano, bothered by a sprained A.C. joint in preseason, had surgery on that same right shoulder on Thursday. Safety Keith Davis is scheduled to repair the torn pectoral muscle he suffered in Week 3 against Chicago on Friday and cornerback Evan Ogelsby will undergo surgery for a shoulder subluxation, too.

And, drum roll please:

Meanwhile, wide receiver Terry Glenn plans to continue rehabbing his surgically-repaired right knee in the off-season while targeting a return for the 2008 season.

For now, he's not going to have the micro-fracture surgery.

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