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Hudson Houck press conference

Here’s a quick paraphrase of the Hudson Houck/Wade Phillips press conference announcing his signing as offensive line coach.

Wade: We’re announcing we hired Hudson Houck, one of the outstanding coaches in the league. One of the best coaches I’ve been around. We are fortunate to get him and we are excited about it.

Hudson: Seldom does a coach get to come to a team like this. I’m fortunate to come to this organization, solid leadership and a great organization with great coaches. The reputation Wade has in this league is impeccable. This is an outstanding football team, to do what they did this year is incredible. It’s hard to win in the post-season and the regular season. We’d like to go further in the future but it was a great year for the franchise. When I was here last time, we won some Super Bowls and I have great memories, that’s the goal, to go all the way. My role is what Wade asks and to work with the offensive line. They had a good year and I hope to help them improve. That’s about what I have to say. I’m happy, excited and eager to get things going. I feel completely revitalized again.

Were you close to retiring before this opportunity came up?
It never crossed my mind. After the season we had last year I wanted to coach more and longer. You don’t want that taste in your mouth and if we started to practice today that would be fine with me.

To Wade: Impressions of Hudson, Wade?
I knew about Hud, he had established himself as a great coach. We both worked in the league a long time and played against each other.

Impressions of Wade, Hud?
I noticed our defense in San Diego enjoyed the game more with him, they played harder and were very aggressive.

To Wade: Jason and Hud worked together before, was that important?
That was a big part of this; first you have to get an outstanding coach, but also someone who fits, and he has worked with Jason before.

Relationship with Flozell Adams from before?
I think we had an outstanding relationship. It’s easy as a coach if a player is outstanding, you want to have a good relationship with him. From the first day he had the qualities of a great player and he continues to show that, I think very highly of him.

Lineman philosophy?
What is in place here is a good start. A lineman has to like to play the game, he has to like to block people and likes to win. Size and ability is a big thing, if there is good size, a big guy with the same ability as a smaller guy, the big guy will win the contest. Physical guys.

Impressions of Jason Garrett in Miami?
Even when he was a player here he was a player-coach. He knew the game so well he coached as he was going. The system he used here is similar to what we did in Miami.

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