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C'mon Cowboys, get happy

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Hello, world, here's a song that we're singin', c'mon get happy
A whole lotta lovin' is what we'll be bringin', we'll make you happy - The Partridge Family

It’s all good vibrations out at the Ranch.

Jerry Jones, who I believe was an extra in this video, says having Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett on the same staff is no problem.

"Most don't know these two men. One of the reasons that I am very pleased with this structure is that these two men can manage what we're doing here with a breeze and have shown that.

"And I don't have any guesswork here, I know that that is the case. I know the guy that was standing the most on the table to retain Jason was Wade. He really was hoping that I could and would do what it takes to keep Jason."

I kid Jerry, I’m sure everything will turn out just fine. I’m serious; there won’t be a problem unless we start losing next year. Then all bets are off.

Wade Phillips, another optimist who would put Stuart Smalley to shame for positive team affirmations, agrees.

"I'm glad we kept Jason, that's my only concern," Phillips said. "If you know me, you know it doesn't bother me at all. In fact I'm always happy for coaches that get a raise. I want all my assistant coaches to make all they can."

We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like us! Well, that last part isn’t true, everybody hates us, but I give about as much credence to them as I do to this statement by Jerry.

"I don't have that as a given at all," Jones said of assuming Julius Jones won't be back even after he was essentially benched in the playoff game. "His frustration is very understandable. He's a great young man, he works hard. There's nobody that puts all that together that doesn't want to be on the field competing every chance they get. His frustration is no negative as far as he's concerned.

"He's an ideal player to have on your team. What we can do, what we can do at the position, where it is we'll just have to see."

You got to like that Jerry always has his players' back, even if he won’t be having this player back.

It can’t all be good news, we still have assistants - Todd Bowles, Paul Pasqualoni and Kacy Rodgers – who may depart.

Jones said all three assistants are welcomed back next year, though he's fully aware they might have other options to weigh when deciding whether to return.

"I really don't know; I know that they certainly should have opportunities," Jones said Friday on his radio show (The Ticket 1310-AM). "They are good coaches; they're really progressing as far as their coaching experience in the NFL."

Then again, this may be good news. I guess it depends on who would replace them.

We signed a couple of more players.

The Cowboys signed TE Rodney Hannah and FB Ronnie Cruz to the reserve/futures list. Hannah spent 2007 on the Dallas practice squad.

Cruz was with the Chiefs in 2005 and '06. He won the starting job at fullback with Kansas City in his second season there but tore his ACL in the fifth game and spent 2007 out of football.

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