great news regarding T.O.

DMN Blog is reporting that T.O.'s ankle sprain is healing very fast. That obviously has to be sweet music to Cowboys fans ears.

T.O. skipped his Wednesday chat with the media for the second consecutive week, but word is his ankle is healing as quickly as the Cowboys hoped.

He put his left shoe on today for the first time since suffering the high ankle sprain in the first half of the Dec. 22 win at Carolina.

"I thought he was ready to go today the way he was talking," Sam Hurd said. "He was excited."

T.O. must be living in his hypobaric chamber as I hoped he would. Keep it up T.O., we need you bad for the SB run starting in 10 days.

Also, Todd Archer spoke with Troy Aikman about Garrett leaving for a HC vacancy and Troy doesn't think Garrett will jump ship to a new team as fast as many are predicting.

I spoke with Troy Aikman last week about Garrett's head coaching possibilities, and he wasn't so sure his former teammate and good friend would automatically leave.

"I know he feels like he’s got a great job," Aikman said. "He loves the city. He enjoys living here. He’s got a good team. He’s coaching a good quarterback and he has all the things as an offensive coordinator you would want and there’s not reason to give that up just for the sake of being a head coach. I don’t want to speak for Jason, but other coaches looking at their first opportunity to be a head coach would take that, whereas Jason is a little more patient."

I know that some of you guys think the same way as well. I really hope you and Troy are right.

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