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Cowboys blog blurbs

The DMN and the Star-T have some interesting blurbs on their blogs today.

Starting with the Star-T:

Owner Jerry Jones said the Cowboys will pickup Terrell Owens’ $3 million roster bonus in March, meaning the big-play wide receiver will return in 2008. Owens is signed through next season, which is the final year of a three-year, $25 million contract.

That’s not exactly news; there was no way they weren’t going to make that bonus payment. But the question is an extension. Do the Cowboys want to extend T.O.’s contract? Will T.O. ask for a new contract this offseason? This is where it gets tricky. T.O. hasn’t showed signs of slowing down, but you have to consider age with a WR no matter how much of a physical specimen he is, and T.O. is a physical marvel.

They also mention that Jerry will be talking to Terry Glenn soon about his status for next year.

Another blurb:

Spotted Cowboys scout Tom Ciskowski, now the lead man after Jeff Ireland is in Miami, keeping a close eye on the South cornerbacks. That position expects to be one of the Cowboys' draft needs.

Indeed. Everyone knows that last year I wanted Aaron Ross as the Cowboys draft pick. It couldn’t happen because the Giants snatched him up and played him a lot this year. Don’t believe that a rookie CB can’t be a valuable member of a defense in his first year, they can. I’m still on the CB bandwagon this offseason and I don’t care if help comes through free-agency or the draft. Just get help.

The DMN blog has a tantalizing blurb that says the rumor around the Senior Bowl is that the Cowboys are trying to trade Bobby Carpenter and Marcus Spears. I’m all for getting rid of Spears, he just doesn’t make enough plays. With Carpenter, I’m still a little iffy. I’ve seen him do some things when he plays, but the coaches just don’t seem to think he is worthy of time on our defense.

BTB-regular Philosopher has a diary on it, here.

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