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Cowboys will be shopping for new assistant defensive coaches

We can quit talking about the assistant coaches we are losing and now we can speculate about the assistant coaches we’ll be gaining. But let’s clear things up.

Earlier today, secondary coach Todd Bowles said he was going to Miami. Now, Paul Pasqualoni has exited stage left and headed down to join the Tuna and Sparano.

Also, linebackers coach Paul Pasqualoni has been hired as the Dolphins' defensive coordinator.

Defensive line coach Kacy Rodgers could also be joining the staff in Miami.

And by all accounts, Kacy Rodgers will be joining the staff, so in my mind I’ve got him out the door, too, although nothing is official yet.

Of the three, I really miss Pasqualoni who did an excellent job with our linebackers this year. But you got to love Jerry Jones. The guy is always putting the positive spin on anything that happens. We joke about ‘homers’ on the blog, but Jerry Jones is to ‘homers’ what Led Zeppelin was to 70’s rock, the undisputed master. Here’s his take on losing the assistants:

"It gives us an opportunity to have coaches at the positions that are really in line with Wade’s philosophy,’’ Jones said. `"In a way, Wade had to teach those guys a lot of what he wanted to do.’’

Jones said there was a difference in philosophy for Bowles, Pasqualoni and Rodgers to adjust to Phillips’ 3-4 scheme after working in Bill Parcells’ 3-4. However, Bowles, Pasqualoni and Rodgers were offered contract extensions to stay in Dallas.

"Now we will be able to align exactly what Wade wants to do defensively with his staff,’’ Jones said. "This gives us an opportunity for our team to get better.’’

Jerry cracks me up. He offers them contracts to stay with the team, but when they leave, he says now we can get assistants that match Wade’s philosophy. If that was the case, Jerry should have just let them leave without offering them contracts.

So who could be in our future as an assistant? A familiar name has popped up in a Nick Eatman article.

A possible replacement for Bowles could be former Cowboys defensive back Dennis Thurman, who spent the last six years as secondary coach in Baltimore. Thurman was recently let go from the Ravens staff when the club fired head coach Brian Billick. Thurman played nine years in the NFL, including eight with the Cowboys from 1978-85.

If you want to read more, here’s an article from a Miami paper about the moves.

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