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Greg Ellis wants out of Dallas?

I got this off the New England Patriots official website. It's a Q&A session with one of their writers. I’ll let it stand without comment and let you guys decide.

What two or three quality players that are unrestricted free agents do you Andy, Tom and Paul think take a reduction in salary to play in NE? - Mark L

One player to keep an eye is Cowboys OLB Greg Ellis. Following Dallas’ loss to the Giants, Ellis basically said he didn’t want to be a Cowboy anymore, suggesting Anthony Spencer should start next year in his place. I also had a source down in Big D tell me that Ellis wants to go to a Super Bowl contender and mentioned the Patriots as a team he would like to play for. Ellis would be a logical Belichick addition, a hungry veteran who will take less money to come to New England because he wants to win a Super Bowl. Not to mention that Ellis can still play and would really help the team at outside linebacker. Watch out for Ellis this offseason because he doesn’t want to play for the Cowboys anymore. That I know for certain.
-Tom Casale

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