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The Cowboys decided to keep JJ. No, not that JJ (Julius Jones), and not the other JJ (Jerry Jones), considering he’s the owner it’s unlikely he would be going anywhere. But the third JJ, the guy who works behind the scenes and by all accounts is one of the best in the NFL. That would be Joe Juraszek.

The Dolphins' new bundle of Cowboys assistants does not include Joe Juraszek.

The Cowboys have retained their well-respected, longtime strength and conditioning coach, whose contract was set to expire at season's end. He will return for a 12th season in 2008 as the longest-tenured coach on staff.

It’s time for my once-in-a-blue-moon link to a Randy Galloway article. He’s nervous, like many are, about Jerry becoming the man in charge of the drafts again.

We have seen it before, and the results were disastrous. If there's a Quincy Carter in the April draft, Jerry will find him.

And I've also heard it said by Valley Ranch voices that once Jeff Ireland departed a month ago, it meant the final "no" man was gone.

Ireland, as the former VP of pro and college scouting, would step up and challenge either Parcells or Jones on personnel decisions.

Todd Archer makes the case that hiring the right defensive assistants could bolster Wade Phillips’ case for holding onto the head coaching job after 2008. It’s really a cause-and-effect argument. If he hires the right assistants, then the wealth of talent we have on defense might play up to their potential. If they play up to their potential, we should win football games. If we win football games then Wade has better job security.

I think Archer could have shortened the argument to this: Win in the playoffs or else, Wade.

I thought this was a good Q&A session with Goose Gosselin. I know a lot of Cowboys fans don’t like Goose because he’s always picking on the ‘Boys, but this chat session had some good info in it.

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