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Cowboys set to interview Dom Capers

Wow, now this is some good news. The Cowboys are set to interview Dom Capers for an unspecified coaching position on the defense.

According to a source, Dom Capers is headed to Dallas to interview for a spot on Phillips' staff, possibly as early as today.


His possible position in Dallas has not been determined. He could round out the Cowboys' staff as the linebackers coach or be hired as a defensive overseer.

Dom Capers knows more about the 3-4 defense than almost anybody in the league. This would put two recognized gurus of the 3-4 defense on our staff, Wade Phillips and Dom Capers. If this happens, and with the addition of Hudson Houck, the Cowboys coaching staff may actually be better this year. Thanks Tuna for raiding our staff and firing Miami's.

Hat tip to Deke for posting the news in this diary.

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