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Dave Campo - Greg Ellis press conferences (1/29/08)

Well, it turned out we got a twofer press conference today. First, Greg Ellis addressed the press about making the Pro Bowl and then Wade and Dave Campo discussed his hiring as the secondary coach. Below are my paraphrases of the press conferences in reverse order.

Wade: I’m pleased and excited to welcome Dave Campo to the staff. A real plum for us to get a guy like Dave, experience and knowledge, his qualifications abound. He can help us move forward in secondary.

Odd to be back Dave?
It’s different, when you’re at a place 14 years, you’re a Cowboy. I hope I showed Wade in talks that it was important to me. From my perspective, I want to think the Jaguar organization for giving me opportunity to talk to the Cowboys. I was looking forward to going back until this opportunity presented itself, I think Wade for that, it was important the he was comfortable with me.

Family in Dallas play a role?
When you’re in this business, sometimes the professional part takes the #1 aspect. If I was going to make a move I wanted to a place where we have a chance to win. I do have family here, daughters, grandchildren, it’s part of it. Without question I’m excited to be back with the Cowboys organization.

Wade, why Campo when you haven’t coached with him and he has no 3-4 experience?
We competed against each other, both have had long careers, we watched each other’s teams on film, I got to see how his players play. I never had a chance to get him before when I was a head coach. The 3-4 and the 4-3 in secondary are no different. The front seven is the basic  difference. Coverages are the same and he runs some coverages that we run. Good thing about Todd Grantham an Dave is they have experience to say this worked for us in the past. He can give me those things.

After what happened at the end here in Dallas, did you think you’d ever be back?
I don’t know that you know what will happen in the future. You just go forward, I went to Cleveland, then an opportunity to go with Del Rio in Jax. You never know. If you do good things and work hard, good things happen. Working with Wade, a top coach in the league, that’s something good. I’m a Cowboy, good times or bad times.

Familiar with the current secondary?
I followed this group a little because Todd Bowles was a nickel coach in Cleveland with me. We’ve got good players, 3 Pro Bowl players and Anthony Henry was with us in Cleveland. I have some familiarity.

To Wade: Dom Capers?
We interviewed him on some things, we’re talking to several people. It’s a little different with him, he’s available right now. He’s experienced and could add something. We haven’t finalized or talked about a specific position yet.

Memories here Dave?
Probably the biggest one is the office I have now is the same one I had in 1989 when I started here, and I looked out the window and it’s the same view, a case of déjà vu. But I looked in the mirror and that wasn’t the same. (laughter)

When did this process get started?
It really started in my mind when the coaching jobs became available. I talked to some guys in the organization and then at the Senior Bowl it really started.

How did the process start for you Wade?
I was familiar with his career, the players that had played for him, that was part of it. I was surprised that he might be available. When you start the process, certain guys you don’t think of but when the possibility of his possible availability was made known I was excited. We talked football, coverages, techniques, I was real comfortable with that.

At this point my phone rang and I missed the next couple of questions. I know one was about Roy Williams. Can anybody fill me in?

To Wade: Would Capers be in for the linebacker job?
We haven’t reached that point yet. Someone off-camera then said: That’s the next press conference. If it was PR guy Rich Dalrymple, then almost assuredly Capers is coming here.

Now to Greg Ellis’ press conference.

Are you glad you didn’t retire now?
Very glad I didn’t retire. Funny how life works, think your career might be ending and you have your greatest breakthrough.

Rocky times over the last few years?
Very interesting over the last 3 or 4 years and they have been some of my better seasons. You don’t know what life has in store.

Feel good now about moving to OLB?
Yep, it’s good. At the time back then, having never played it and as an older player, it was untouched ground for me.

Feelings on going to the Pro Bowl?
Great feeling to go to the Pro Bowl. When your number is called it’s a big honor, your peers, coaches media, input from all aspects for voting on Pro Bowl. I’m going as an alternate and I’m going to go. Some guys have been the crest of going, as a player who had that, personally it bothered me, it was an opportunity I wanted before I left the game. I wanted to make the Pro Bowl and want to win the Super Bowl. I’ve got one out of the way and we need to get the other.

Feelings about the season?
I was really let down, we had a good season, but disappointed that we didn’t get to where we wanted to be.

Feelings on the Giants going to the Super Bowl?
Personally, I like Michael Strahan and I’m glad he gets a chance to win it.

2008 preparation?
When you start training for next year, you have to put the previous year behind you. But don’t dismiss that we had a good season.

You and DeMarcus Ware going to Pro Bowl?
Both outside guys, to have the book-ends both going it’s an honor. I think it’s deserved.

Will you talk to Bill Parcells about moving you to OLB?
With all these cameras he’ll see this interview, so I appreciate it Bill, I owe a lot to you.

Why have you done so well as OLB?
It gives me an opportunity to do things in the rush like I did in college. I was truly outside rushing back then, not a heavy 5 technique that I played here for so long. Playing outside helps me build up momentum in my rush.

New coaches?
I love the coaches we lost, but if they have to go, we are replacing them with quality coaches. I just shook Dom Caper’s hand a few minutes ago. Its terrific Dave is coming back, Hud coming back. The NFL is like a big circle.

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