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Garrett and Sparano hot names on the coaching circuit

According to a Baltimore paper, a source within the Ravens organization says they've requested permission to talk to some NFL assistants, and Garrett and Sparano are believed to be on the list.

The Ravens yesterday requested interviews with assistant coaches on NFL playoff teams for their head coaching vacancy, according to a high-ranking team official.

The team would not reveal any names or even the number of candidates, but it is believed that the Ravens faxed requests to speak to two Dallas Cowboys assistants, offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and assistant head coach Tony Sparano; Indianapolis Colts assistant head coach Jim Caldwell; and New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. None of the teams would confirm whether the Ravens have sought permission to interview their assistants.

Here’s a Baltimore blog introducing Ravens fans to Jason Garrett.

For more on the Dolphins end of things, go here for an overview of the Ireland hiring and here for the firing of
Cam Cameron and staff.

As expected, Roy Williams was officially named to the Pro Bowl squad in place of Sean Taylor.

Dallas Cowboys strong safety Roy Williams has been added to the NFC roster for the Pro Bowl.

Williams takes the place of the late Sean Taylor, who was voted in as the starter and was the leading vote-getter at the position among fans, coaches and players. The Cowboys' Ken Hamlin, who was originally named as a reserve, will start in place of Taylor.

I realize I’m in the minority here, but I don’t have big issues with Roy’s play. He’s got over 100 tackles and is our second leading tackler behind Bradie James on a defense that is pretty stingy against the run. He’s also not getting beat deep as much for TD’s.

I don’t think he’s playing the best football he’s capable of but the fury at his play by fans doesn’t resonate with me. Yeah, he missed a couple of tackles in the Washington game, but when I see him being blamed for a lot of our problems in that game on defense I have to chuckle. Chris Cooley only had 5 catches for 47 yards and no TD’s. I’ll take that any day. Meanwhile, Jacques Reeves was getting toasted. And on the Clinton Portis TD run which has been pointed out as a Roy failure, I have to smile there, too. DeMarcus Ware was right at the point of attack and got blocked out of the play. Both MLB’s were absent from covering the hole. Roy was actually on the other hashmark away from the run, so that means the safety on that side, I believe it was Ken Hamlin, was blocked out of the play. Roy came across the field and was really the only guy on defense who got a body on Portis. But Anthony Henry, who was on the side of the run, also took a bad angle and missed Portis completely and knocked Roy off the tackle. I will grant that Roy’s tackle wasn’t good form, so I do blame him for that, but somehow all of those things above have been translated to Roy’s fault. I don’t get that.

I know what I just did, I turned this thread into a Roy-bashapalooza, but I wanted to state my opinion on the matter. I think Roy could play better because he has the talent and has shown it before. But 100+ tackles is production and our defense has played great against the run, so I don’t have huge issues with Roy. I know his coverage-skills are below average, but Wade has used him effectively enough to where we aren’t giving up tons of TD’s on his watch.

You guys know that DC Fanatic is my boy, I chat him up on his radio show twice a week. Well, it turns out he’s a budding rap star and here’s his new video. OK, so he isn’t exactly Jay-Z, but he gets an ‘A’ for effort. Plus, he gives me a shoutout. Enjoy.

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