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Wade Phillips press conference 1/3/08

Wade: You already heard the news that Roy Williams made the Pro Bowl. He’s excited and we’re excited. It puts 12 guys in. Practice was similar to yesterday. Same type of participation, T.O. did not participate. We’re excited to watch the games this weekend and see who we play. We’re going to be one of the 8 teams left. Now the players have time off, they need to rest up, get their legs back and get their minds right for the game.

Andre Gurode?
He’s alright. He didn’t do team stuff, we’re being careful. He moved around alright, Monday he should be better. This time of year we feel good about the overall health with some rest here, most guys will be a lot better. Gurode, Terrell and Terry we’ll have to see.

No new updates, everything is positive from what I heard today. Terrell could play without practice. How effective he would be and what % of plays would be up in the air. Wait and see.

Watching the games this weekend? Will you do it here?
Don’t know if Jerry has the NFL Network, I hope none are on the Network, some of us don’t have it here. I’ll be in and out, I’ll watch the two games that we need to be watching. Don’t know about the rest. Probably watch San Diego.

Did you accomplish what you wanted by practicing in pads?
I hope so, that was the purpose. Try to get through practices and work on fundamentals, running, blocking and tackling, Thought we accomplished that.

Asst. coaches interviewing a distraction?
I don’t think it’s a distraction talking to teams. It’s an opportunity for those guys to interview and get a job. That’s more important than any distraction, and I don’t think it is a distraction, they won’t let it be. They’re professionals and great coaches, they’ll do whatever is needed to win this year. That’s why they’re in this position.

You worked for Arthur Blank, what did you tell them about Blank?
Blank is a tremendous owner, I don’t know if he’s made any mistakes but one. (laughter – Wade referring to not being hired as coach there a few years ago.) I told both those guys he’d be a super guy to work for.

Parcells hiring Dallas guys?
Anybody that is hiring people is going to go back to people they believe in. We thought he might try to get certain people from our organization. It’s good for Jeff Ireland and it will be good maybe for some other guys.

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