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Dolphins set interview with Tony Sparano

The Tuna is coming a-calling. Well, he‘s sending Tuna, Jr. out to do the work, but the Dolphins have finally set a time for interviewing Tony Sparano.

Tony Sparano will be busy on Saturday.

According to sources, the Dallas Cowboys' assistant head coach will interview with Miami general manager Jeff Ireland on Saturday locally after meeting with Baltimore executives earlier in the day.

I’ve maintained that if they interview Sparano then it’s probably over. I mean how much more can Ireland and Parcells learn about Sparano that they don’t already know?

Speaking of Sparano and Parcells, a former assistant coach that worked under Sparano in college ball says that Tuna and Sparano are similar coaches. But that wasn’t what caught my eye, check out his shot at Jason Garrett at the end of the quote.

"He's just like Parcells, a fiery, no-nonsense guy with a sarcastic sense of humor," said University of New Haven football coach Peter Rossomando, an assistant under Sparano when he led New Haven to a 41-14-1 record from 1994-98.

"Half the guys fear him, the other half loves him, but they all respect him. Trust me, that great offense in Dallas isn't because of [offensive coordinator] Jason Garrett."

Todd Archer does a mini season review.

Lenny P. put together his All-Pro team and only Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware made it from the Cowboys.

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