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More assistant coaches blurbs

FOX Sports John Czarnecki ponders Jason Garrett’s possible future.

No one is quite sure what Garrett's answer is going to be if he is offered the job in Atlanta. Many NFL people believe Garrett, who is only 42, may bide his time waiting on possibly landing the Dallas job in the future or the New York Giants job, should it ever become available. Garrett is from New Jersey and he and his brothers, all NFL coaches, played at Princeton.

Now that’s just not right. Throwing a possible Giants’ gig in the future for Garrett at us? Say it isn’t so.

This article from the Sun-Sentinel has some good info about Tony Sparano and the Dolphins

Another sign pointing to Sparano was the firing of Dolphins offensive line coach Hudson Houck, who has a year remaining on his contract and is considered one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL.

"You've got to bring in better players, and you bring in someone to run the entire program and [Parcells] is the best guy available," Houck said.

"Bill Parcells is the ideal guy, that's the guy I'd get. Then you bring in your own people."

Houck sure would be a nice replacement if the inevitable happens. But Keyshawn says it’s not inevitable.

[Sparano’s] a good coach, but somebody is missing something. Knowing Bill, I'm not ready to anoint [Sparano] the guy just yet. Mo Carthon and Todd Haley know the program, and they're just as good."

But this little nugget below is something we haven’t talked about much.

Parcells is expected to pursue Cowboys linebackers coach Paul Pasqualoni, the former Syracuse coach, and secondary coach Todd Bowles for staff positions. Bowles is believed to be a strong candidate for the defensive coordinator job, formerly held by Dom Capers. Bowles worked with Parcells in Dallas and on the Jets in 2000.

Now, would Jerry let them go? I think in the NFL rules you only have to let someone go if they are offered a head coaching position. I believe the NFL changed the rules a few years ago because teams were making up titles and calling it a promotion for coaches. So anything below head coach is treated as a lateral move that can be blocked.


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