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Wild Card weekend open thread: Washington @ Seattle

The playoffs are finally here. Can I get a hallelujah? There’s just nothing like NFL Playoff football.

This is an open thread for the early game: Washington @ Seattle.

BTB-regular Deke has a diary going with Wild Card Weekend predictions, so head over there and add yours.

Also, noted in the diaries by Romo9, this humble blog made somebody’s Top 25 sports blogs for December. Thanks for visiting everybody, it’s quite a nice little thing we got going on here.

You want to laugh a little? Read this article on the NFL playoffs from an English-language paper in Croatia. At first, I thought it was a machine translation of a Croatian-language article, but the English is a little too good for that. But not good enough that you won't get a chuckle at some of the translation problems.

Sample quote:

However, Jeff Garcia is a skilled quarterback, and if his attacking line manages to bear the great pressure of the Giant’s defensive ends, they can succeed to get through the second round.

Or his take on this game:

While Washington’s attack has problems with a bad situation of their attack in running. However they can rely on their excellent defence. The Redskins’ backup quarterback, Todd Collins, was substituted with a brilliant Jason Campbell, and his performance announces good results. We can expect a series of victories for Washington.


Wild Card Weekend open thread.

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