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T.O. injury adding mystery to the week

I think Wade is playing the press for suckers, there’s no way the Giants are buying any of this.

Terrell Owens was still limping Monday on his sprained left ankle and his status for the Dallas Cowboys' playoff game next weekend is uncertain.

"It looks to me that it's going to be a game-time decision on him," coach Wade Phillips said. "It's Monday game week. He probably couldn't have played today."


"If he were able to practice Wednesday or Thursday, Friday maybe, it'd clarify things a little easier," Phillips said. "If he can't (practice), that's why I said it'd have to be a game-time decision.

"From his history, from his toughness, his ability to withstand those kind of things, I think those are all positives," he said. "But you still don't want to put him in harm's way."

T.O. is going to play. It’s just a matter of how effective he will be.

Hat tip to Mullin for pointing me to this nugget from Matt Mosely’s blog.

By the way, I've talked to a member of Team T.O., and his trusty hyperbaric chamber has been in use constantly over the last week. It's also great to know that he's reunited with his personal trainer/part-time roomie Buddy Primm after a falling out last season.

And hat tip to TrueBlue24 for this tidbit off the DMN blog:

Well, a few offensive players said the Original 81 actually looked pretty good while running routes this morning.

No matter what Phillips says the rest of the week, expect T.O. to be ready to go Sunday afternoon against the Giants. Just don't let anybody in New York know that.

T.O. will play, he has to play. I can’t accept anything else, anyway. My head might explode.

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