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It's business time

The Dallas Cowboys return to the practice field today and get busy with the business of dealing with the New York Giants. For Tony Romo, "business time" is over and it’s time to get on with that other business.

Since this is a real practice today, not a walk-through, we may get a little more info on the International Man of Mystery Terrell Owens. Wait, strike that. T.O. can’t be Austin Powers because everybody knows that on the Cowboys there’s room for only one ‘playa’ and that’s Tony Romo. Seriously, who else is traveling to exotic locations with a luscious Pop Tart only to have the paparazzi show up? Now, for those of you who think that Romo can’t go from "business time" one weekend to business time the next, here’s a woman’s view that says any man who can’t do that isn’t a real man.

Every week we need a storyline for an upset in the NFL, and this week the Cowboys have become the trendy pick for a toasting come Sunday. The three-peat specter is hovering all around the Cowboys even though the historical record says when you’ve won the first two, you usually win the third. The ‘Rustoleum Theory’ also doesn’t always play out in the same way. The Breerman investigates. Sure, the Giants lost Shockey but they got super-sub RB Ahmad Bradshaw on the field this time.

For me, that’s all hype. I just need to know two things – is it going to be business time for T.O., and will Austin ‘Tony Romo’ Powers have his mojo?

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