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T.O. injury rehab is in high gear

Nobody works harder than T.O. to get his body ready for games.

Hat tip to Doomsday for this snippet from a JJT article:

He works harder to get restore his body than he does when he's on the practice field. He went through rehab on Christmas Day. And New Year's Day. He's been working after hours on the Mavericks' underwater treadmill, which allows him to condition without putting stress on his ankle. He spends virtually every waking hour trying to get his ankle healthy enough to play and be the difference-maker the Cowboys need him to be to end their 10-year playoff drought.

And there’s also Matt Mosley’s post:

In addition to spending time in his hyperbaric chamber, T.O. has been using the Dallas Mavericks' underwater treadmill.

He's undergoing some form of treatment almost every minute of the day. The people I've talked to at Valley Ranch think he'll be at about 80 percent for the Giants game.

Also, thanks to Mr. Mosley for recognizing Blogging the Boys in his Unfit for Print edition of blog roundups. BTB got the nod for the Scouting Report on the Giants defense.

Later tonight, I’ll have a scouting report from ETVal, the blogger at Big Blue View, on the Giants. I’ll also give him one for his blog on the Cowboys.

Update [2008-1-9 13:59:26 by Dave Halprin (Grizz)]: Hat tip to Terry for posting this bit from the always excellent Breerman over at the DMN blog:

Funny thing happened in the locker room today. All of a sudden, the players were concerned about Terrell Owens' ability to play Sunday -- Smokescreen, anyone? -- two days after declaring him fit and ready to go.

Looks a lot to me like a campaign to create uncertainty around T.O. He's playing, folks. Period.

On another note, we did catch Owens right outside the locker room, where he was conducting a one-on-one interview with a female reporter from TV Azteca, while steering clear of the local press. Owens was in workout gear, with no tape or brace of any kind around his left ankle.

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