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Dallas Cowboys news & notes

Not a lot of time today for me to write-up anything so I'll just pass along some articles you might be interested in reading.

The Cowboys are doing the smart thing by nipping in the bud any potential problems with Adam Jones' reinstatement. According to the Star-T, Jerry Jones has stepped in and asked AJ to tone down his profile which has gotten a little too visible lately for the Cowboys' liking.

Hat tip to Mullin who first posted this news.  

With Mike Jefferson suspended for four weeks off the practice squad, the Cowboys added former Cleveland WR Travis Wilson. 

Carson Palmer is still questionable for Sunday's game. Visit Cincy Jungle for all news on the Bengals. Like the fact that they just signed RB Cedric Benson.  Also, the report is that Chris Henry will be playing this Sunday. 

After Shawn Springs did some good work on T.O. in the loss to the Redskins, he stayed the night at T.O.'s house. That must have been interesting but Springs says they didn't talk much about the game and just watched some of the Chicago/Philly game.  

T.O. denies all and is pretty funny in doing it. "Sheshawn" Now that's funny. More on T.O. from Nick Eatman

Hat tip silverblue5 for first posting this item.

JJT says Romo must play better even though he's playing well. 


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