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Chad Johnson predicts big day against Cowboy secondary

Ocho Cinco, or as he's called in fantasy football circles, "Ocho Stinko," is trying to get the townsfolk riled up.

You're gonna put on a show, huh?

"I don't have a choice. I don't have a choice," he said. "Somebody tell Pacman or Adam or whatever the hell he wants to be called -- he is going to get it. Anthony Henry, he's going to get it."

It's working.

"I expect him to have the same horrible games [as] the first four weeks," Pacman said, moments after claiming he wouldn't engage in a trash-talk exchange. "He hasn't done nothing so far, so hopefully we can keep it like that."

Does our defense lack intensity?'s Alex Marvez has an interesting thought. What if a team that finishes with a good record -- possibly 10 wins yet finishes in third-place in the NFC East -- misses the playoffs and some mediocore team from the NFC West gets in? Wouldn't that be a travesty? (Yeah. If it's the Cowboys. But I don't think it will be).

IRVING, Texas - As the NFL trade deadline approaches, someone desperately needs to make a deal.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

We're not talking players here. We're talking franchises.

Swap an NFC East club with another from the NFC West. It doesn't matter which ones.

Because as it stands now, an NFC East team will get shafted while a lesser NFC West team heads to the postseason based on the league's playoff format.

The NFC West doesn't have any members with a winning record. The three squads that played Sunday — Arizona, St. Louis and San Francisco — lost by a combined margin of 118-66. The Cardinals fell to the Redskins last Sunday; Philadelphia and the New York Giants already have trounced the winless Rams.

The 'Boys are well-stacked headed into next year's draft.

The Cowboys are in such an enviable position because of their draft-day maneuverings in April.

They picked up Cleveland's 2009 third-round selection for giving up a fourth-rounder in '08. They got Detroit's fourth-round pick for a third-rounder in '08. They got Miami's sixth-round selection to reunite nose tackle Jason Ferguson with Bill Parcells.

Plus, the Cowboys could receive compensatory picks for losing running back Julius Jones and cornerback Jacques Reeves to Seattle and Houston via free agency.

Last time I went to Texas Stadium I was too nervous about the game to tailgate. But I'll tell you I was jealous. Those guys were kickin' it BIG TIME. It looked so fun.

Now there's new rules to the game though.

Tailgating in the eight blue lots – those just outside the VIP lots – is now allowed only in perimeter parking spots. Interior spots are reserved for fans who want to park and head directly into the stadium.

Fans parking in the green, gold and red lots, which are all farther from the stadium, can still tailgate wherever they want. So, too, can VIP parkers.

Those who take up more than one blue lot space to set up grills, televisions, tents and tables are expected to buy an extra parking pass for that spot. Tailgaters are also expected to keep their parties within blue lines painted at the end of parking spaces.

There's a lot of bells and whistles on this new stadium. Jerry Jones lights up like a Christmas tree everytime he talks about it.

You have to admit though. It should be pretty impressive.

On the center-hung video screen, the players are 72 feet tall.

An entire wall of each field-level suite is a screen that, thanks to special in-house cameras, replicates the view the coach sees from the sideline.

The building has 3 million square feet of air-conditioned space -- three times as much as the soon-to-be-mothballed Texas Stadium -- and can be configured to seat 125,000 spectators, almost twice as much as a typical NFL stadium.

There are other new venues cropping up around the league -- most notably the $1.3-billion stadium being constructed for the New York Giants and Jets at the Meadowlands parking lot -- but the home of the Cowboys makes most others look like guest quarters.

Jones says his is the world's largest indoor stadium, and it also has bumped up the bar for the next generation of NFL venues. The gigantic video board, for instance, could become a standard feature for this type of mega-project. At least the proposed stadium concepts in the Los Angeles area -- the latest being Ed Roski's venture in Industry -- don't require air conditioning throughout.

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