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Source to ESPN: Romo out four weeks with broken finger

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has a broken pinkie on his throwing hand and will be out four weeks, a team source told ESPN's Michael Smith.

Much more to come as we get news...

UPDATE: Just heard on the The Ticket that Mickey Spagnola has confirmed the injury, and now the DMN has reported the injury as well.

This is now the defining moment of the season for the Cowboys. For everyone that has complained about Romo's play so far, we are about to find out just how limited the offense is without him. Brad Johnson will make smart throws and won't take a lot of chances, but he is far from a mobile quarterback. The offensive line has to find a way to pass block consistently, or Johnson will get killed. One good thing is that in the preseason we saw Brad Johnson throwing downfield more than he has in the recent past, and doing so accurately. But those deep throws won't be there if Johnson is on his back.

Folks, we are one big hit away from Brooks Bollinger.