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Wade Phillips press conference 10/13/08

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I missed the beginning of the press conference because Wade started early. But I was told he said Sam Hurd is having surgery on his ankle, Anthony Spencer is week-to-week with a hamstring, Mat McBriar has a bad ankle bruise, and Felix Jones is getting an MRI but they think he will be OK. But Mickey said on The Ticket it could be two weeks for El Gato.

Summary of Wade Phillips' press conference today.

We put up 24 points on offense but we turned the ball over some, we had too much pressure on our QB, I'm not happy about that. I think we're going to pull together, Brad Johnson will be playing QB this week, we have complete confidence in him, the team will rally. Everybody will do their job, we'll demand that. Brad is ready to play.

We'll have to change some things for Brad, we need to protect the passer better no matter who is back there. Tony got sacked early in game twice, then not again until OT. The rest of the time, he moved around some, and was able to do some things. Both QB's got hit a lot. Tony did some good things in the game, especially in coming back. Sam Hurd had already hurt his ankle, but had to go back in game because we were in the hurry-up, and made a tremendous block on Barber's TD and Terrell had a great block on that play too.

Tony hurt his finger on the first play of the last series. The short pass to Terrell right after that he couldn't get it there, even the last one he had a chance to Terrell but he couldn't grip the ball. He probably should have come out but he thought he just sprained it. No surgery will be involved; it's just got to heal. It's a fracture. He's week-to-week depending on how quickly he heals. No we won't look at another QB right now, that's the reason we brought Brooks in. We haven't discussed how we'll run practices yet.

Bollinger may get a few snaps with the first team this week, he's a sharp guy and knows the offense but he might get some snaps. But we got to get Brad ready.

We don't know what Mat McBriar's status is yet for this game.

Sometimes adversity brings a team together. Injuries and the way we are playing is causing adversity. That's what we're harping on, everybody needs to step up and needs to do better.

Flozell Adams had a stinger. He had one earlier in season, he came back and practiced that week, we're hoping the same thing this time.

The number one thing with a new QB, is the team believing in the QB. Our team believes in him, he has a great pedigree having won the Super Bowl, his demeanor, his work ethic, he's always trying to do things well in practice. The team will rally around him.

When our back is against the wall we play more determined, we need that the whole game. In Philly the defense had to stop them twice, we came back agaisnt Washington and at Arizona. We need that kind of determination, to feel like we're behind at the start of the game, we need to play that way for the whole game.

We scored 24 points on the road, we did some stuff offensively. We're one of the better teams in scoring and moving the ball. We'll need to emphasize the running game going forward. I think we'll still be effective.

Special teams was disappointing, we spent time last week on it, changed practices for it, then first play of the game is disheartening, but we'll spend more time on it. There's no magic potion, we got to get everybody to buy in with effort. If I thought our defensive starters were the best ones for special teams I would put them in.

Spencer's injury didn't matter at the end on the punt block. The punt block was inexplicable, the guy rushed it but we didn't touch him. You can't block our punts with the get-off time we have if you just get in the way. The guy who recovered the punt, we jammed him a little so he couldn't block it. The guy who blocked it went straight in without being touched. We used the same blocking rules we do on every punt, then he runs right in and blocks it. We did change the inside guys, but not responsibility. We missed tackles on the kickoff return. We worked on it all week, Sam Hurd, the outside guy is supposed to crease inside, and he did, but we didn't fill outside. Every damn play we worked on that in practice and we didn't get it done.

We got frustration from everybody. We got to do something about it. In the meeting rooms, the walk-thrus, the practices. Our team will react the right way. Just because of the heart and determination we have in dire situations that I've seen, we need that in just the regular situations.

I think Romo's absence adds to the adversity. But they should know after this morning's meeting where we are. I don't want to go into what was said, but I think they'll react in the right way.

We practice pretty hard, I don't think the situation of not practicing hard is the problem. We practiced what we see in game. The kickoff return, we over-practiced that. The punt block we practice everyday.

I'm responsible for the mistakes. If didn't get it done, I need to get it done. They're accountable to me and to each other. There were other mistakes made, some don't change the game, but we need to be accountable for that too. Not one guy on just one play. Everybody needs to look at themselves and get better.

The offensive line was having problems with their speed, and them playing at home. With the silent count they got off the ball quick. We got sacked early but avoided them after that and made plays. Romo still had 300-yards passing, 3 TDs, we had 24 points, sometimes you win those games.

We started poorly offensively and the defense played great, then it switched around. Being inconsistent during games is frustrating. But inconsistency happens to all teams, there are some good things we're doing.

There is no substitute for hard work. The players feel bad about the game. Our team feels bad about this.

Warner is a great QB, a proven QB, one of the top offenses right now. The real key play was the third and 17, we shut them out until then but we didn't make that play. We also missed plays offensively, three times we had the ball in their territory, and we didn't score any points. Those kinds of things make a difference. The fumbled shotgun snap after the onside kick was snapped a little wide and early, it was a hard snap.

Their good play comes out when their back is to the wall, they have it then and they show what they can do. You realize what you can do. We need to play like our backs to the wall all the time. Even though we're 4-2, our backs are to the wall.

The pass defense wasn't good enough to win. Third downs hurt us. Warner made some great throws, he got hit throwing the ball three times and still completed passes. The 37-yader to Fitzgerald he got hit on that, those plays ended up hurting us. Warner is on a roll this year and this was probably his worst game.

I don't know the answers to our play at cornerback. Newman not playing is part of it. Pac has done pretty well overall. When we double players in-and-out we want to stop them, but Fitzgerald made the play in the endzone. We tried to double him, but we didn't do a good enough job.