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Felix Jones likely out two weeks; McBriar out 6-8 weeks

And the parade of bad news continues.

I've checked around many sources (DMN, Star-Telegram, ESPN, etc.) and is the only organization reporting this story. Still, I trust Spags.

Felix Jones is likely to miss a few weeks. Apparently, it's a hamstring strain.

How awesome is that? We lose our QB for a month, our top CB for a month and now arguably the Rookie of the Year is out for a few weeks. I'm sorry if my response is dripping with sarcasm. That's my only solace right now to this whirlwind of bad news. I'm still dealing with the disappointment of Sunday's loss. Now this.

The DMN Blog said we're going to need Jones that much more now. Ain't that the truth. Without him we lose some much speed and explosiveness in our offense and our special teams.

The silver lining in all of this is that we're going to see more of Tashard Choice. I'm really excited about that. I think he's a smart, tough and talented young player. But this news is only deepening my depression and filling my trash bin with more and more empty containers of Bud Light.

Sigh. At least the Dow Jones is recovering. But I can deal with a recession. I'm still unsure I can endure a month without Romo, Newman AND Felix Jones.

Oh and if that wasn't enough. Our stud punter is out 6-8 weeks with a fructured foot. 

Just great.

Time to buy another 18-pack.

Shout out to ender0887 and jthig332 for their fanposts here and here.


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