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Dallas Cowboys good news/bad news

More bad news on the way? We should find out today according to many sources.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's pending decision on disciplinary actions against Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones is expected to weigh a potential violation of probation in which Jones was prohibited from alcohol-related incidents, according to league and law enforcement sources.

When Goodell reinstated Jones from suspension prior to the season opener, sources say one of the commissioner's conditions for Jones to remain an active player was that he remain in compliance with all aspects of his three-year probation when he pleaded no contest in February to a felony in Fayette County, Georgia.

How about some good news? This won't be Brad Johnson's first rodeo. At least he has experience and hey, he actually has won a Super Bowl.  Bad Brad is ready to go.

"Obviously, it's unfortunate for Tony to have to go through something like this," Johnson said. "He'll recover quick, he has a great attitude about it. At this time, it's really just important for the offense especially to just kind of catch on to my snap count, and the way we manage the huddle. I'm excited about the opportunity, worked hard to get here."

"We play two different games. There are a lot of different ways to win in this league," Johnson said. "We see it every week with different quarterbacks and different types of strengths, from the way they manage the game to the way they throw the ball, the velocity of the ball, different schemes. I've been in six different systems and pretty much won in most of those systems. I don't think too much will change from that."

More Brad here. I like the name Bad Brad, but I think it loses out to Checkdown Johnson. Here's the story on the last time Brad was a starting QB for a team. 

Back to the bad news, our luck has definitely run out in regards to injuries. Mat McBriar is going on IR, Felix Jones 2-4 weeks, Anthony Spencer probably out at least one week, Sam Hurd likely done for the year, and of course Tony Romo. We're also waiting on the return of Roy Williams, Pat Watkins and Kyle Kosier. Who will be the new punter?

The team will workout former Jets punter Ben Graham and Sam Paulescu tomorrow to see who can take over.

Back to the good news, from JJT. 

Repeat after me, Tony Romo's broken right pinkie doesn't signal the end of the Dallas Cowboys' season.

Actually, it's just what this team needs.

What the...OK, I guess it's good news to JJT, but I'm not buying it. Brad may get us through the next few weeks but a healthy Tony Romo is always preferable.

Back to the bad news, guess who is complaining again? Yup, it's Greg Ellis.

"I'm just disappointed in this organization right now," Ellis said. "From the whole deal of it. Things just aren't going real good.

"We're not a complete power right now. ... We've got the personnel, we've got the people in place. But right now, I have to say we're not giving ourselves the best chance to do what we need to do on the field to be at our best in those football games."


Ellis, who has two of the Cowboys' 15 sacks this season, would like to rush the passer more.

"That's all I can elaborate on that," he said. "But, like I said, a lot of things are going on that's not giving us a chance."

More Greg here where Rick Herrin claims:

[Ellis] said the Cowboys are not a happy football team. He said the locker room is fractured. He said the organization is not doing its best to win football games from the ownership all the way down to the players.

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