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Dallas Cowboys acquire WR Roy Williams in trade with Detroit

Per DMN sources:

The Cowboys on Tuesday acquired UT-ex Roy Williams from Detroit for first-, third- and sixth-round picks in 2009 while the Lions will kick back their seventh-rounder in 2009, moments before the 3 p.m. trade deadline, according to a source.

I must note that right now there are conflicting reports between NFL Network and ESPN over compensation. The DMN is the best source we have for this information, but know that the information could change when the trade is officially announced.

UPDATE: is supporting the DMN story, stating the trade is for a 1st, 3rd and 6th in the 2009 draft.

ESPN is standing firm on their stance that the trade does not include a 1st round pick. [Note by Brandon W, 10/14/08 4:57 PM EDT ] ESPN has changed the story to reflect all others. Great job, Ed Werder.

More to come.

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