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Cowboys and Roy Williams have deal in place for five-year extension

Great news. The Cowboys already have the parameters in place for a five-year extension for new WR Roy Williams. 

Cowboys VP Stephen Jones told reporters at Valley Ranch today that the parameters are in place for a five-year extension for WR Roy Williams, who is in the final season of his deal.

"We don't have the details yet," Jones said. "We've got the parameters set. And we should have something done, hopefully for sure by tomorrow."

Nice. That was my biggest concern. I thought the Cowboys overpaid maybe a little for Roy, but not by much. But if they didn't get a new deal worked out, then it was going to be a big issue. No worries on that front now, we should always trust the Jones' on the issue of getting contracts done.

And yes, I'm very excited to see what RW2 (I guess the original Roy is RW1) can do beside T.O. That is one potent passing attack if you include Jason Witten and move Patrick Crayton to the slot, plus you still have an improving Miles Austin in the mix. Now the question is can the offensive line protect Brad Johnson long enough to make those weapons work.

I'll tell you this much, I'm excited to see what will happen on Sunday. By all indications RW2 will be at practice on Wednesday and should play a limited role on Sunday.

There's more on RW2 here

And Nick Eatman has a nice article here. Jerry says he's coveted Roy for years.

"We've been trying to trade for Roy Williams for two years," Jones said. "Two straight drafts, I tried to make a trade with Detroit and couldn't get it done. At the league owners meetings (last year), I tried to talk to Detroit about trading for him. He's certainly someone we've pursued the last few years."

And you think Roy is excited?

"I'm more happy to be a Dallas Cowboy than when I got my first bike," Williams said. "To go from 0-5 to 4-2, you can't get any better than that."

For anybody thinking this might be a problem with T.O., at least this early in the transaction, can put that to rest.

Not only did Jerry Jones say that Terrell Owens was "ecstatic" to find out the news, but apparently T.O. was the first to call Roy Williams and congratulate him on the trade.

And Roy seems to know the deal.

"He's the No. 1 guy. I'll be the No. 2 or No. 3 and wherever I fit in. Defenses won't know what to do."

On the other hand, we got the bad news of Pacman Jones' suspension today. I will not argue that Roger Goodell was too harsh. Everybody knew the deal going in and Pacman just blew it. Case closed for me. Whatever he got from Goodell is fine with me. Now the question is will Jerry keep him around for the minimum four-game suspension or will he go ahead and cut ties? Personally, I wouldn't mind a bit if he cut him even though we desperately need him in a very thin secondary.

Anthony Henry and Mike Jenkins will now be the starters on the outside - I assume - and Oralndo Scandrick will come in on the nickel. What happens in the dime? My guess is Alan Ball is about to get some real reps.

Here's an article about Pacman - and RW2 - and here's another about Pacman. 

By the way, Jerry Jones was smart to not suspend Pacman himself. Because the NFL has now suspended Pacman, we get a fifth round pick back from the Titans.

And for those wondering just where our 2009 draft stands, the DMN blog has the details.

To Detroit for Roy Williams
To Detroit for Roy Williams
Cleveland (Acquired in 2008 Draft Day trade: for Detroit 2008 R4 pick)
Detroit (Acquired in 2008 Draft Day trade: for Dallas 2008 R3 pick)
ROUND 5 (2)
Tennessee (As a result of Adam Jones 2nd suspension)
ROUND 6 (1)
To Detroit for Roy Williams (Tennessee contingency canceled as a result of Adam Jones 2nd suspension)
Miami (Acquired in 2008 Ferguson Trade)
ROUND 7 (2)
Detroit (Acquired in Roy Williams trade)

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