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Opposing coaches dread playing the Cowboys offense now

Jason Cole has a great article over at Yahoo Sports on the Roy Williams trade. We've heard Deion Sanders bash the deal, we've heard other TV personalities say the Cowboys panicked. But what about other coaches/owners in the league? You know, the guys who actually have to contend with the Cowboys on Sundays. How about this:

"That makes them a much more dangerous team and they were already a great one," said Giants owner John Mara, a day after his defending Super Bowl champions were run over in Cleveland. "He's a great player and he makes them much tougher to defend. They gave up a lot for him, but he makes them better."


"I'm sure that when other defensive coordinators heard that Romo was out, they thought, ‘Oh, we can just blitz and dare Johnson to beat us deep,' " an assistant coach from another team said. "Now, you can't do that because you're going to have to respect both sides of the formation."


"They weren't easy to defend before this," another assistant coach said. "Personally, I thought (Patrick) Crayton and the other kid (Miles Austin) were pretty good. But Williams is in a different league than those guys. With (Crayton and Austin), you'd take your chances. With Williams, he's going to hurt you. I shouldn't say this, but this group could be a better offense than when they had (Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith).

"Yeah, you could say it's overkill and there won't be enough passes to go around, but good luck defending them. There's going to be somebody running free all the time."

Todd Archer guesses that when the Cowboys and RW2 get the five-year extension finalized, the average salary will be in the $9 million range. 

All they have done is agreed to the parameters on a five-year extension. The Cowboys and agent Ben Dogra will get to the nitty-gritty here pretty soon. If you're looking for a roundabout figure - $9 million per year average is a guess when you look at deals signed by some other top-flight receivers lately.

Could Tony Romo actually play on Sunday

In his weekly stop with The Ticket's Dunham & Miller, Wade Phillips said Romo would throw in practice today and his status could be re-evaluated. At least that is what I think Phillips said while dodging most of the questions, supplying non-answers. He's really good at that.

Eh, I'm not buying it - yet.

Hat tip kevdog for the post

JJT loves him some Jerry. There's no doubt about one thing, Jerry will do everything in his power to get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.

TO loves him some RW2.


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