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Romo informs team he's ready to play Sunday

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Seems like Tony Romo isn't done yet.

According to several sources, Romo has informed coaches that he plans to play Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

Romo did not practice on Wednesday but did throw the ball on the side with his fractured pinkie in a splint, and according to eyewitnesses, he was able to throw the ball with good velocity and appeared confident after throwing. The session was not open to reporters.

There is no assurance he can protect the ball, take a snap or deliver the ball accurately under game conditions.

The Cowboys' biggest concern is that Romo gets hit again, causing him to miss more time than initially anticipated and possibly require surgery.

Yeah. That's a major concern of mine as well. Is he going to reinjure it? Because everytime he gets hit the other team is going to come down hard on his hand to strip the ball. Not necessarily to reinjure him but to make him fumble, which he has a propensity to do.

Wade Phillips said he didn't see Romo throwing the ball in the session. He also seems to throw some water on the idea of Romo playing Sunday. The DMN is on the case.

If [Romo] didn't practice at all, no, he wouldn't play because he broke his pinkie," said Phillips, who said he did not have a report on how Romo's throwing session went.

Sources, however, indicated the session went well.

Catch that? Seems like Romo is throwing the ball just fine. If that's the case then maybe it's a pain issue. If Romo can deal with the pain, perhaps the possibility of playing isn't so far fetched.

Brad Johnson is still taking reps with the first team and he's still on tap to start. But something's telling me we might see Antonio come gameday.

And what is that you ask? That little something is ... my selfish impulses. I'm like a teenage boy on Prom Night. I'm desperate! I'm wishing and wishing, hoping and hoping Romo can play. That would put a cap on this wild, weird and unsettling week. If it ends with a Romo-to-Roy Williams TD pass in the back of the end zone it's all worth it. It's worth the failed Pacman Jones Experiment and all the injuries we've endured. It's worth all of it.

And guess who seems to be encouraging Romo to play? Romo's long lost relative from another dimension: Brett Favre.

Romo huddled with owner Jerry Jones, vice president Stephen Jones, coach Wade Phillips and the medical and training staff while the team practiced to discuss the quarterback's prognosis, a source told ESPN's Ed Werder.

Brett Favre, who has started an NFL-record 258 consecutive regular-season games, told ESPN on Tuesday that he called Tony Romo and encouraged him to try to play.

"The only thing I said was, it's worth trying [to play] if you can deal with the pain and can function good enough with a splint,'' Favre said. "If not, don't try.''

Favre has played through a fractured thumb in the past.

Now, I want Romo to come back as soon as the next crazed Cowboy fan. But I don't want him to hurt himself or reinjure himself. So I hope our medical staff gives him the OK and possibly he gets a second opinion. Losing Romo for a month is one thing. Losing him for a protracted and possibly undeteriminable time period is unacceptable and absolutely fatal to any championship dreams. Let's understand the pain thresold, nail down the possibility of reinjury and explore ways to protect the finger. First things first.

After that though, if he can go, I'm all for it.

Not everybody is a fan though.

Shout out to Mullin for his fanpost here.