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Dallas Cowboys news & notes

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The new theme of contending with the Dallas offense - Pick Your Poison

RW2 suits up as a Cowboy. Read about it and view it.

Courtney Brown could see some time at corner.

Also taking reps at cornerback was Courtney Brown, the former cornerback the Cowboys moved to safety last year during training camp. Brown had been coming in the past couple of weeks on the team's sub-packages at safety, first to replace Pat Watkins when he was starting for Roy Williams and then Keith Davis when he ended up starting the past two games.

Mike Jenkins will get the start opposite Anthony Henry and Orlando Scandrick will play the slot although he also got some reps on the outside. I guess with RW1 and Pat Watkins back Courtney can swing between the two spots.

Pacman begins alcohol treatment. 

Bruce Read gets some help.