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Dallas Cowboys news & notes

Here's a mini-profile of new linebacker Carlos Polk. 

Tim Cowlishaw recounts the week that was. And truthfully, I can't remember a crazier week.

Pacman could still come back to the Cowboys if Roger Goodell says OK. 

BTB-regular silverblue5 discusses the possibility of adding CB Ty Law. scottmaui does too

Oh yeah, I kind of forgot, we play a team called the St. Louis Rams this weekend. Check out SB Nation's Rams blog, Turf Show Times, for all the info on the Rams. 

Tony Romo is not the only QB with a finger problem in this game, Marc Bulger has a black-and-blue digit but has been practicing just fine. Also, Orlando Pace is iffy for the game which could be a nice break for us. 


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