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Decision on Romo still unknown; Pat Watkins ruled out

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The Cowboys sure are playing up the mystery as to who will start on Sunday at QB. ESPN describes Romo as not doing much at today's practice, at least the part the press got to watch.

Tony Romo stood and watched, basically a spectator in the middle of the field when the Dallas Cowboys started practice Friday.

The DMN blog basically concurs with that assessment saying Romo dressed out but officially didn't practice.

On the other hand, Jerry Jones is going to great lengths to make the case that Romo could play on Sunday.

"It's very likely that he'll be ready to play," Jones said. "The question is, can he handle the pain?"

Is Jerry just throwing out a smokescreen to keep the Rams guessing? Jerry even went to far as to say there is no risk in further damaging the pinkie, which I found to be an absurd statement.

Anyway, what's your guess about Sunday? I think that Romo will not play and the Cowboys will go with Brad Johnson. I don't even want him to play this week, I'd rather let the finger heal for a couple of weeks and look at next weekend.

The injury report from the DMN blog. One big change, Pat Watkins will not play this Sunday. That's a bummer because we could sure use him back on special teams.

SS/core special teamer Pat Watkins (stinger) participated fully in every practice this week, but he has been ruled out of Sunday's game against the Rams.

RB Felix Jones (hamstring), OG Kyle Kosier (foot), CB Terence Newman (abdomen) and OLB Anthony Spencer (hamstring) are also out. LB Kevin Burnett (calf) and QB Tony Romo (pinkie finger) are questionable. SS Keith Davis (thumb), SS Roy Williams (forearm) and NT Tank Johnson (ankle) are probable.