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Brad Johnson to start; Tony Romo will be active

Mystery solved. Brad Johnson will be the starter on Sunday, but Tony Romo is going to be on the active roster.

Quarterback Tony Romo will be active, but he will not start today at St. Louis, according to Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

The questions is whether Romo will be the backup or will he be the emergency third QB with Brooks Bollinger acting as the primary backup.

RW2 signs his contract and he got paid!

Williams signed a five-year, $45 million extension Saturday after landing in St. Louis, bringing to an end five days of intense talks with the team and his agent Ben Dogra.

Williams will receive $27 million guaranteed over the life of the deal, which is second most to the $31 million Tony Romo will earn from an extension signed last year.

$27 million guaranteed? That's good money if you can get it.

Pat Watkins' neck injury could be much more serious than initially believed. 

According to third-year safety Patrick Watkins, doctors are now concerned the reoccurring stingers he's been experiencing in the neck area are the result of a bulging disk along the vertebrae in his lower neck.


Watkins likely will continue receiving treatment, doctors hoping the swelling will be reduced enough to prevent any sort of surgery to remove the disk, which would be season ending.

Pacman is costing the organization in more ways than one. 

Adam Jones, who was suspended indefinitely by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday, will cost the Cowboys $20,588 per game up to a maximum $200,000 for every game he is suspended.

We are the first team to be fined under the new rules which state that teams with two suspensions in a league year for personal conduct, substance abuse or steroids owe the NFL money. Because Mike Jefferson was already suspended this year, Pacman's suspension kicks in the new rule.

Here's a game preview. 

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