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Dallas Cowboys embarrassed in rout by Rams 34-14

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Rams 34 - Cowboys 14

The enormity of the Dallas Cowboys' ineptitude is astounding. It's hard to define using mere words.

We just got blown out by a team that had one win this year before entertaining the Cowboys at their home. The St. Louis Rams were one of those teams that the rest of the league dismissed as the dregs of the NFL. Even after they beat the Redskins last week a lot of that was attributed to the mistakes that Washington made. In this game, they flat-out embarrassed a Cowboys team that has fallen so far so fast, that just witnessing their descent can give you a case of the bends, even before a rapid ascent, which may not even be on the horizon.

The players, the coaching staff and the organization as a whole should be held accountable for this debacle that is quickly on its way to a season-long calamity. Since there is no accountability for Jerry Jones, we can only hope that he starts enforcing some below him. Wade Phillips has seemingly lost the ability to make even the X's and O's work, let alone do anything that could be considered inspiring. Brian Stewart is not measuring up as a defensive coordinator. Whatever the qualifications that Phillips thought Stewart possessed have never become apparent. His defense is softer than Charmin. Jason Garrett has gone from wunderkind to just wondering. This staff is failing in a big way and it's hard to believe that they can turn it around anytime soon.

But don't get lost in just blaming the coaches. These players are not just less than the sum of their parts, they are in negative territory. Across the board there are breakdowns and they are unable to right themselves. One of the most talented rosters the NFL has seen in a while is playing like a one-legged drunk trying to walk a tightrope. It's beyond pitiful. I've run out of descriptions to describe this effort.

So let's go the less eloquent route. This Dallas Cowboys football team blows chunks. They suck. Their season is slipping away and they don't seem to have any idea how to resurrect it.

They can still rescue the season, but nothing indicates they know how. Until further notice, this team is an underdog in every game they play. When you lose 34-14, you should be embarrassed. Even that may not be enough to wake this team up.