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Tony Romo decided he wasn't ready to play

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Some news and notes about that stinker that was purported to be an actual NFL game today.

Tony Romo made the final decision on whether he could play today, and he decided he couldn't. From the AP via the DMN:

Tony Romo told the coaching staff after pregame warmups he wasn't up to playing with a broken right pinkie.


"He ended up making that decision for us, actually, and that's the way it should have been," [Jerry] Jones said. "He just felt like he couldn't help us."

One of the only pieces of good news from the game came from the outstanding play of DeMarcus Ware.

Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware tied an NFL record with a sack in his 10th straight game and enjoyed his first multiple sack game of the season with three, giving him nine on the season.

He did everything he could to hold the Cowboys in that game.

Safety Roy Williams is done for the year.

Dallas Cowboys safety Roy Williams broke his right forearm for the second time Sunday in his first game back from the previous injury, and owner Jerry Jones said he'd miss the remainder of the season.

Could this be the end of Roy's career in Dallas?

Tim Cowlishaw went there, but Jerry Jones says no way

What has been gathering steam for a month reached something of a crescendo as the Cowboys played by far their worst game of the Wade Phillips era. And frankly it should be the last game of the Phillips era, but Jones made it clear afterward that there will be no coaching changes made.


Phillips' low-key demeanor and aw-shucks approach might have elevated a team that had been beaten down by four years under Bill Parcells. But all of that is gone now.

It's just a team of uninspired excuse makers who take their cue from the head coach.