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What will Wade say?

Today's press conference from Wade Phillips should be very interesting. Which Wade will show up? Will it be the Wade we've become accustomed to, you know this one.

Or will we see a different Wade, perhaps this one.

Either way, should make for interesting viewing.

JJT takes direct aim at the defense as one of the big problems. I agree, this unit has been very underwhelming so far.

Meanwhile, the TV talking heads are having a field day bashing the Cowboys. Truthfully, we deserve it.

Peter King discusses the Cowboys over at MMQB, including Jerry Jones sending signals about the uncapped year and labor relations. 

[Roy] Williams' deal ratchets up the Cowboys' 2010 current cap obligations, with 33 player contracts signed, to $138.8 million, which is $27 million more than any other team in football -- and that doesn't include the monster contract due premium pass-rusher DeMarcus Ware early in 2009; he could become the highest-paid defensive player in football. "Looks like Jerry's pretty sure there won't be a cap in 2010,'' one capologist for another NFL team said Friday. Surely some of his contracted players (Zach Thomas and Terrell Owens, for two) may not be around then, but it's still by far the most onerous cap situation in 2010. (The rival Giants, for instance, have 29 players under contract for 2010, for a total of $70 million.) Add to all of this the fact that the players, after the death of Gene Upshaw in August, won't have a labor leader to begin negotiations until sometime next year, and what we have here is a league on a fast track to a capless 2010. And trouble.


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