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Dallas Cowboys news & notes

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Roy Williams, the safety, is now on IR. His replacement is Daren Stone.

The Cowboys signed Daren Stone, who worked out for the team earlier in the day. Stone played in 12 games for Atlanta last season and had 10 tackles. He had an interception in the preseason before he was cut. The 6-3, 215-pound Stone played at Maine.

Standard article from the AP documenting our demise

Meanwhile, Clarence Hill rips us good

This article over at the Sporting News ponders changing the head coach. 

It is hard to believe that Jones will not fire Phillips if the Cowboys (4-3) reach their bye week at 4-5, if they lose to both the Buccaneers on Sunday and to the Giants in Week 9. If that happens, bye week likely will mean bye-bye for Phillips. And he acknowledged during his press conference Monday that when people start talking about the coach's status, the season is not going as planned.

It's got so bad, even Eagles executives are taking shots at the Cowboys. 

"Our goal is to win a Super Bowl, forget win a playoff game, which is something [Dallas] are still working on,'' [Joe] Banner said.

In a Q&A session in Pittsburgh paper comes this exchange.

Rivers_Jaw: Any known interest from [Bill] Cowher to go save the big D?

Ed Bouchette: I have heard that Jerry Jones might secretly be checking out Bill Cowher to see if he has any interest in becoming the coach of the Dallas Cowboys. I don't know if Bill's interested, but it would be a perfect spot for him and just what the Cowboys need.

And there's the ever-optimistic Jerry Jones, saying something which needs to be decoded for me.

"We've got a situation where if everyone of us would step back, not necessarily totally be critiquing in a very negative way, but step back and look at what we're doing best, let that encourage us and go address what we're not doing good, that's the way to take what we've got and get better."

Anybody fluent in Jerry Speak?

And from a BTB reader, I received an email linking to a Fire Wade petition