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Romo rules himself out of the Bucs game

Tony Romo was on Inside the Huddle tonight and basically declared himself out of Sunday's game against the Bucs.

Speaking on Terrell Owens' radio show on Tuesday night, the quarterback said he was disappointed yet feels sitting out Sunday's contest against the Buccaneers is the right decision.

"I'll say it will be Brad [Johnson]," Romo said. "Brad is going to go this week, unless something different happens that we don't foresee. It will be very difficult to change."

Todd Archer has a few more quotes from Romo in this article.

"I wasn't physically able to get my fingers on the ball in position to throw it," Romo said. "I needed time to get the ball in my hand. I couldn't figure out a way to make it happen."

In fact, Romo made it seem like he probably wouldn't play until after the bye, missing the Giants game, too.

Article on special teams from the official website.  

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