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Dallas Cowboys gear up for Tampa Bay

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A lot of the focus this week has been on the lackluster blowout game agaist the Rams, but it is now time to focus on our next opponent the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Last time the Cowboys faced the Bucs, Tony Romo had five touchdowns and Bill Parcells warned us all to put the annointing oil away. This time around the Buccaneers are a vastly different team and come to Texas Stadium with 5-2 record, a stifling defense and an oppurtunistic offense. There is no doubt that if the Cowboys hope to beat the Bucs they will have to play their most complete game of the season, especially with Tony Romo not playing.

Jeff Garcia is healthy and is adept at finding weaknesses in defenses, and will make plays with his feet protection breaks down. The Bucs also have allowed just eight sacks this season, yet the Cowboys must find a way to pressure Garcia if they hope to contain the Bucs passing attack.

For an insider's look at the Bucs, head over to Buc 'Em, the excellent Buccaneers blog run by JScott. takes a good look at the Bucs.

While he won't be talking to the Dallas media, Antonio Bryant does compare Tony Romo and Jeff Garcia.

Bucs coach Jon Gruden won't talk about Brad Johnson, however.

Calvin Watkins scouts Tampa Bay LB Barrett Rudd.

Rick Gosselin says turnovers will be key against the Bucs.

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