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Dallas Cowboys news & notes (Bucs game)

Nick Eatman has a long interview with Terence Newman. T-New is anxious to get back on the field and he discusses a wide-range of subjects in the article.

Brian Stewart basically says nothing about his "demotion." 

Brad Johnson needs to play better this week than last, that's for sure. If not, we might have to turn to Brooks Bollinger. I told DCFanatic on the phone this week that Bollinger pulling down the ball and running with it might be our best play. I was only half-kidding, but with Johnson's immobility and our o-line playing some shaky football, anything's possible.

Phil Simms and Bill Cowher say Dallas is playing soft and running the wrong schemes on defense. I think I read that somewhere before.

For all Tampa Bay news head on over to Buc ‘Em. If you want to ask a question of JScott who writes the blog, go to this FanPost. Brandon is answering questions over on their blog.

Our old friend Antonio Bryant will be visiting on Sunday. 

Warrick Dunn is battling injury as are quite a few Bucs.  

Jon Gruden discusses his team and the upcoming game.  


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