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Not responding well to adversity

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Adversity has knocked on our doorstep several times in the past few years.

I'm troubled by our response. Follow me as I recap the greatest hits of our lowest moments. You know the drill.

Last year it was pretty much smooth sailing. But we lost two of our last three games and that's when doubts started to creep in. Our response? An "L" at home against the hated Giants. In 2006 we started out 3-3 with a QB controversy brewing. Then Romo took over and we won five out of our next six games. Then we lost our last three out of four games. Our response? A hard-fought game versus the Seahawks that ended in a humiliating defeat. In 2005, we rushed out to a 7-3 record. The league was buzzing with a huge matchup with the 8-2 Denver Broncos on Thanksgiving. We played hard, although not necessarily smart in that game, and ultimately loss in overtime. We went into a nosedive and lost four out of our last six games, including a wipeout against an inferior Rams team (sound familiar?) in Week 17.

My point is adversity has consumed us in the last few years and we haven't responded very well to it. We've kind of folded our tent and that's bothered me. I can think of some isolated incidents where this hasn't necessarily been true. We did win seven games in a row after losing to the Patriots last year. We won 10-6 games with Quincy Carter in 2003 after going 5-11 the year before. And obviously this analysis doesn't apply to our past dynasties and glorious past. But recently our story has been riddled with disappointments. We get our head kicked in the dirt and our response hasn't always been sterling.

So I'm hesitant about Sunday's game. But I'm also hopeful. Will now be the time? We're at home. We have a defensive player who's on fire. A veteran QB with something to prove against his former team. And a embattled coach. We are the definition of a wounded animal trapped in the corner.

Now is the time to strike.

Let's change history.


Seems like smaller, quicker D-lines are giving our massive, Pro Bowl laden O-line problems.

The plan has been futile the last two weeks. The massive line has struggled against lightning-quick defensive fronts, allowing six sacks against the Cardinals and Rams and letting the quarterback get hit 19 times.

Arizona knocked quarterback Tony Romo around in a game in which he suffered a broken pinkie in overtime. Backup Brad Johnson couldn't do much against St. Louis' constant pressure.

Speed rushers seem to give us problems, particularly Flo. Guess what the Bucs have a boatload of?

Preview of the game. Their D looks legit. They hit hard, gang tackle and wrap up.

RW2 makes his debut at Texas Stadium Sunday. You know what would be nice? If we used the receiver we just paid $45 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

"It’s going to take me 2-3 weeks to know the whole playbook and I don’t even know if this is the whole playbook or not," Williams said. "Hopefully by the bye week, I will be comfortable."

Last week, Williams had one pass thrown his direction, but it was not catchable.

"We’d like Roy Williams to be more involved in the passing game," coach Wade Phillips said.

Uh, dude, we ain't got two to three weeks. Can we do some sandlot stuff? Roy, your the bottle cap. T.O. your the hairpin.

In other news, Killer is starting, Watkins is coming back and so will Burnett. Hopefully this infusion of health will give our D some much needed juice.

The Bucs have a rookie CB that's playing pretty good. Uh, whatever he has, could you sprinkle some of that on our rookies?

As the World Turns with the Cowboys. The NFL crew ponders the question: are the Cowboys the worst team in the league? Or just one of the worst teams in the league?

4-5 after the bye? Yeah. The Star-Telegram goes there.

Jay Novacek has our back and predicts a W. Heck yeah!

Former Cowboy Larry Brown says we'll win the game if we get 140 yards rushing and four sacks. Cool. I'll take it.

But then he loses me by actually predicting a Bucs win.

And then he totally goes off the reservation by talking about Montell Jordan.

Jerry says the hoopla over Wade making the defensive calls is overrated.


Shout out to Mullin and his fanpost here.

Gestapo Goodell says Pacman could play again if he "works through his issues." Then he says he's tired of talking about this. Then he continues to talk about it.

Go figure.