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Should the Dallas Cowboys sign another cornerback? If so, don't let it be Ty Law.

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[Note by Brandon W, 10/28/08 4:24 PM EDT ] While writing and posting this article, news broke on the DMN blog that the Cowboys signed Quincy Butler off the New Orleans Saints practice squad. This all but assures Ty Law will not be considered, but the argument stated here still stands.

Sunday the Cowboys put together one of the most complete defensive performances they have had since having the number one squad in 2003. The Cowboys played intense, with emotion and more importantly they played smart football and executed. What makes that game all the more impressive is that for most of the second half they did it without their top three cornerbacks in the game, holding off Tampa Bay with just two rookies and second year backup. This week the Cowboys are faced with the probablity that Anthony Henry will be unable to play with a quad contusion and the team will be left with just three healthy cornerbacks, along with a former corner providing depth at safety. It's very likely that the Cowboys are currently in the process of signing a cornerback off the street and if that is true, let it be anybody but Ty Law.

Ty Law's name started to get kicked around last week before the Henry injury and now the train has gained full steam. It all started when law declared himself available to a winning team that would also be the highest bidder, throwing the Dallas Cowboys into the conversation as a destination of choice. There is no questioning Law's pedigree; he has three Super Bowl rings and was one of the best cornerbacks in the league for a very long time. Many teams would love to have a veteran of his stature on their team but I don't think that him coming to the Dallas Cowboys would be the best idea.

For one thing he has openly stated that he wants starter money for a one year contract. While it's debatable if he is still worth that type of money, it is certainly questionable if the Cowboys should pay that much to a player who is brought in basically to hold the fort down until Newman, Henry and (possibly) Adam Jones return. Let's get one thing straight here, Ty Law coming to the Dallas Cowboys will not instantly solve our interception befuddled secondary woes. He is 34 years old and hasn't played on the football field at all in 2008, there is no way he is signed tomorrow and is playing anymore significant time that Anthony Henry was when healthy. So you want to sign a player for starter money for depth reason, yet not be able to play him when you need him the most?

Part of the Dallas Cowboys fan in me says do it, take the chance. This defense needs a player on it that has been in championship situation and knows what it takes to lead a team in the playoffs. You Jerry Jones is willing to do anything and sign anyone if it gives the Cowboys a chance. But the more sensible side of me says for this reason: the Dallas Cowboys do not need anymore distractions.

Signing Ty Law will become another media frenzy, another player in the locker room with a big time ego. Bringing another big name into the mix can really start messing with the chemistry you have worked to build, and you certainly run the risk of hurting any momentum built by the win against the Bucs. It almost pains me to think of having to sit through another week of media hype and conjecture and I think adding fuel to the fire right now would be the wrong decision. If this were a long term solution I would be more welcome to the idea but it's not. Ty Law if signed will not be a Cowboy in 2009.

The Dallas Cowboys have two extremely talented rookie cornerbacks who were tested mightily last week and came away looking pretty good. The Cowboys drafted these guys for a reason, now it's time for it to pay off. Terence Newman will be returning shortly and Anthony Henry most likely returns after the bye so put what you have on the field, put all your confidence in them and let them make plays. Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick are two aggressive guys and if put in the right scheme can be very productive against the pass. While having Law would be a luxury, sometimes  you just have to go with what you have and hope for the best.

If Anthony Henry cannot go this week the Cowboys will need to sign a cornerback, but for depth purposes only. A guy they can bring in for a couple of weeks and then let go once the others return from injury and/or suspension. While having Ty Law on the team would be something I certainly wouldn't mind, in this case it would be waste of permanent money for a temporary solution. Let the guys you have play the game and just maybe they'll prove that your confidence in them was worth it all along.