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My inner-obnoxious fan will come out if we win

I've got nothing fellas.

Our QB is struggling.

Our secondary is riddled with injuries.

We're playing on the road.

We're playing one of the hottest teams in the league.

There is no reason for us to win this game.

But I'll tell you what. If we do win this game, I don't want to hear anything. From anybody. I don't want to hear from critics who are claiming our season is over. I don't want to hear from gloating Giants fans who have all but guaranteed a victory. I don't want to hear from Cowboy haters in general who have rejoiced at the epidemic of injuries we've faced.

All I want to hear is "good game" and "awesome win."

Because we've taken a lot of stuff this last few weeks. The team and the fans. People have written us off, mocked us and questioned the leadership of this team. At the end of the day that might all be valid criticism as opposed to excessive skepticism. But if we win and go 6-3 without Tony Romo and a stable of our best players, then I'm not going to be in the mood to be gracious or accommodating. I'm going to be in full-on obnoxious fan mode. All of my previous restraints and strains of decency will be lost and I'm going to go out of my way to be the biggest nightmare for any and every Cowboy hater I meet. I'm going to scream to the heavens. I'm going to talk so much trash at my local bar that I'm going to get thrown out.

Now, I'm not suggesting doing anything stupid like trying to get into a fight or something. And to be honest, at the end of the day, winning this pivotal game may be so exhausting, that I might just go home and pass out. But I doubt it.

This game is a symbol of our season. We were the favorites early on but nobody liked it. Everyone had to acknowledge it because of our talent but once we started losing everybody happily got off the bandwagon and jumped back into the more natural position of criticizing the 'Boys. I'm not saying we don't need it. I'm not saying we don't deserve it. We do. But they don't have to be so happy about it.

These feelings have been building up for awhile. And I'm not normally the guy to lash out and give "Us against the World" speeches but this is what this is. Every national sports network and news organization has picked us to lose and questioned the possibility of a playoff spot. ESPN, FOXSPORTS, NBC, NFL Network, you name it. We literally have nothing to lose.

So excuse me if I'm a little emotional about this game. I'm be no means irrational though. I realize we are the underdog and I understand that. I will be heartened and surprised if we win. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to be cheering my heart out.

And for the first time in a while, I'm going to be looking for a little getback if we win.

I was watching Classic ESPN a few weeks back and it was a Notre Dame game on. It was about four years ago and the Irish were getting killed. Or as we say in my household "kilt." But there was this one guy that kept standing out. He was a defensive player and he was everywhere. In the backfield. All over screens. Getting pressure despite double-teams. He was a beast.

Turns out that player was Justin Tuck. He's one of the reasons the Giants sport the bling-bling and the Patriots went home with a bunch of records but no championship. He's stepped into the forefront now to take the place of Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora. He's having an excellent season and if the 'Boys want to win, we'd better find a way to block this guy.

The unfortunately named Johnette Howard brings out the heavy guns to criticize Jerry Jones and the 'Boys. What type of haterade would you prefer? Red? Or grape?

MSNBC weighs into the Cowboys-Giants game and decides in a fair and balanced manner that Dallas is going to get stomped.

Rich Cimini writes the article and goes out of his way to praise the Giants vaunted pass rush. I must admit. I'm impressed. Not by the article but by the pass rush.

I can only think of one person when I think of Brad Johnson facing that pass rush: Drew Bledsoe. Bledsoe always looked like a deer in headlights facing that much pressure. I get the feeling Brad will be the same way. I hope Flo and our O-line show up Sunday and lay some wood into those guys.

Make sure to check out Cowboy78 and his fanpost here.

Video preview of the Cowboys-Giants game. The point Tim Hasselbeck is trying to make is valid --- we need to adjust to Brad's strengths. Here's the thing though. He's not doing anything well. So what do you do then?

And, yes, that is the same dude married to the hot-yet-dense Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

D Woody makes the Hall-of-Fame candidates list. He's first ballot as far as I'm concerned.


The NBA All-Star Game in 2010 will be in Jerry World. Yup. That's right. It's going to be in the new stadium. How sweet is that?

ESPN video about us fretting over Brad. Steve Young and Mort discuss the problem. Steve makes a good point. As bad as he was, we still won the game. Kinda hard to bench the guy after he got the much-needed "W."

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